Application of plasma cutting in metal working machines

Plasma cutting is now very popular because of its high efficiency in work and beautiful cuts. We can learn some of the following plasma cutting machines that are commonly used in today's practice.
Application of plasma cutting by hand cutting machine
These cutters are relatively compact in size, so they are easy to move for cutting at the scene.
Application of cutting plasma by CNC cutting machine
Mounted on a CNC cutting machine, the plasma cutting plotter cuts any shape according to the AutoCAD drawing. This application is widely used in shipbuilding industry, manufacturing equipment, fabrication of steel structure ...

Use the plasma cutter on the punching machine
Combines the features of a press brake with a plasma cutter to create a dual-purpose device. Typically, the active nose forms the correct hole, while the plasma cutter is used to cut large-sized holes, polymorphic cuts, and contours of the part.
Use plasma cutting plot with robot
The robots are multi-axis robots that can move in three dimensions. A plasma cutter is mounted on the robot arm that allows cutting of any shape material. Thus, it ensures high accuracy in each cutting operation.