Choose the best CNC cutting machine

This is one of the questions I often hear when working in the position of a major plasma cutting machine manufacturer. Our company produces Plasma cutting tools as well as other peripherals (CNC control, height control, CAM software, ..) which are commonly used in CNC cutting machines, but again Not produced individually, because there are more than 100 manufacturers of these machines in the world. The question usually appears, "What is the best CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?", However, we always have to ask the customer to give us some information about how to use the device before answering. they.
There are many options available for cutting plasma for CNC cutting machines, with a capacity of 30-1000A, with a cable length of 6-1 / 4 inches for medium carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Of course, there are a lot of different cutting applications, products and accuracy requirements, so there will be a need for a cost for the device that is completely different.

If you are looking for a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine 15-20 years ago, you will only find high-end industrial machines that are designed 3 shifts per day in service centers and steel mills, and in doors. Heavy equipment, barges, industrial shipbuilding. These machines are expected to operate in stable workshops for 20 years or more, producing thousands of tons of metal components with high productivity and minimal maintenance, which cost from $ 100K. up based on options and size. Typically, a set of Plasma cutters will have 1-4 Plasma cutters, up to 16 Oxy-Flue cutters, and can cut plates from 5x10 to 40x80 (ft), plates for shipyard applications. great.
Today, science and technology are transitioning very quickly, we can use PCs or laptops, hard drives and cheap electronics, as well as a variety of technology products ... configurations Current machines are available in sizes from 2x2 (ft), 5x10 (ft) for under $ 20K. In fact, some companies offer 2x2 (ft) CNC cutters for about $ 3K.
So to answer questions about the best machine, the answer lies in the actual needs of the end user. And it is certain that a small individual store does not need an industrial machine up to $ 100K, and a large shipyard will not use much of a $ 2K 2x2 (.
The highlight here is the following: We can clarify the difference in performance, quality, expiration and reliability, which will be essential for purchasing and using This machine and CNC plasma cutting machine.