Hanoi camera mounted at 15 black spots flooded

In 2018, the weather situation is abnormal, heavy rain, the use and operation of drainage system is very necessary and special importance.

The rainy season is near, people in Hanoi city are anxious to recurrent flood situation as many years now. Especially, there are "black spots" of waterlogging that have existed for many years, such as the intersection between Ly Thuong Kiet Street and Phan Boi Chau Street, Dieu Ca - Truong Dinh ... These are usually basin areas Infrastructure has not been improved, so whenever there is heavy rain (over 100mm in 1 hour), the drainage system will be overloaded and new floods will be created. Recognizing that the situation, the Hanoi Natural Disaster Prevention Committee has asked the relevant departments and localities to closely monitor and maintain the existing drainage system. Carry out installation of 15 automatic surveillance cameras at places of inundation such as Hoang Mai, Tay Ho, Cau Giay.

This is a new step in the application of modern technology to drainage system in Vietnam. It is known that when the camera system is installed, the Steering Committee of Disaster Control Hanoi will send 24/24 direct response, set up hot reception reception reflects the incident occurred in the rain storm To catch up with information and timely process of flooding in the area. According to the center for meteorological forecasts in Hanoi, the weather in 2018 continues to have unusual developments due to the frequency of storms affecting the Hanoi area increased, rainfall exceeds the average of 5 to 10% in months Peak. Therefore, in addition to the early introduction of drainage works, the application of techniques to the management and operation of the drainage system is a necessity and especially important.