History Timeline

* Company History:
Techno Vietnam Corporation., JSC - Precursor is Techno Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd - proud to be a reputable enterprise in supplying scientific and technical equipment, consultancy and technology transfer in Vietnam since 2010.
Techno Viet Nam Trading Company Limited was established for the first time in 2010, the business code is 0104928071. We have undergone many difficulties and challenges, our company has gradually affirmed its position on domestic and foreign markets. The motto of our strategy is to take the prestige as the foundation for development. We always pay attention on improving the management and training the human resources in order that our company can get a new level and meet more and more customer’s needs. Therefore, now our company has changed its name to Techno Vietnam Corporation., JSC.
Company’s name: Techno Vietnam Corporation., JSC
International Trade Name: Techno Vietnam Corporation., JSC
Abbreviations: Techno Corp., JSC
Head Office: No. 68, Me Road, Me Town, Gia Hoa, Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh Province, Viet Nam
Office Address: Room 2001, T1-CT1 Building, TSQ Living Area (Euroland) – Mo Lao – Ha Dong – Hanoi
Telephone: +84 (24) 3223 2097
Tax Code: 0104928071
Techno Vietnam Corporation., JSC. includes:
- Three member companies: Techno Mechanical., JSC / Techno Mechanical Designing., JSC / Techno Industrial., JSC.
- 01 branch in Ho Chi Minh City.
- 01 branch in Hanoi City
- 02 Showrooms  
- 20 sale agents
From the early days of establishment, we have focused on our strengths as following: mechanical equipment, electrical- electronic measuring equipment and industrial auxiliary equipment. Now we are proud of having mastered a number of technologies and are stepping up more and more of the major projects, expanding our business in terms of providing equipment for technical fields and service in Vietnam.
* Main activities:
- Providing the solutions, the designed ideas to manufactue the equipments. We also have the service of consultant, training and technological transference.
- Supplying all type of equipments and machines for the factories under the Ministry of Defence.
- To carry out projects on upgrading laboratories, scientific research subjects and technological transference  which related to electric-electronic equipment, mainly in the construction, mechanical, environmental and food industries. ...
- Providing machines, portable equipment, ... for private enterprises and industrial parks and export processing zones.
- Supply and construction of electromechanical,telecommunication systems.
- Research, design and manufacture of machinery and equipment according to the requirements of customers.
With the spirit of enthusiasm, active in work, the motto of our operation is: "Maximize the needs of customers". Partner is a companion on the way of development of the company. We always consider prestige, quality, timeliness and efficiency as the most important and always considered as the sustainable link, inseparable in all activities of the Company.