Human Resource

Considering human resources is the most valuable asset, TECHNO is oriented to build employee teams that are not only knowledgeable and enthusiastic but also creative and with a sense of responsibility to maintain the company’s position as a leading technological Company in Vietnam.
TECHNO‘s recruitment purpose is to welcome all applicants who wish to work in a dynamic, effective and innovative environment. We create opportunity and trust for each individual so that they can maximize their capabilities and specialized knowledge at work.
Therefore, TECHNO has always maintained steady and constant development in human resources over the past 10 years. From an initial 07 employees in 2009, TECHNO’s staff and subsidiaries have reached a current level of 50 employees.
With good language skills and strong specialized knowledge, TECHNO’s employees have graduated from both prestigious universities in majors that are compatible with company’s sphere of operations. This is solid base for the company’s activities.

TECHNO is constantly investing in training staff at large manufacturers and also long-term business partners about the sale training programs, the sevice programs, application, etc  to update the newest technology information and provide the most effective customer service.

The aim of TECHNO training policy is building and developing employees who have solid expertise, a professional working ethic and a strong enthusiasm for serving customers.

TECHNO'S Human Resource Plan for the 2019-2025 period

Base on the needs of developing the company's human resources, TECHNO is actively and positively applying many flexible solutions to find its human resources.

Beside focusing on training employees in working ability and necessary skills, TECHNO prioritizes training managers with a full set of soft skills such as interviewing, evaluating work implementation, guidance, training and developing staffs, etc.

According to the development plan for 2019-2025, the number of TECHNO employees will reach up to over 80 staffs, with the company focusing on developing both the quantity and quality of our professional engineers.