Some notes when troubleshooting welding machines

As with other electrical appliances, the welding machine in time use is also unavoidable incidents, malfunction. In the case of simple failures, you can remedy the situation without having to carry a warranty or warranty, interrupting the work. Here are some common problems, causes and solutions:

1. Weak welding machine phenomenon:
- Do not correct the welding current. »» »Turn the steering wheel to increase welding power in clockwise order.
- Input wire is too small. »» »Replace the other wire with larger lead according to instructions (with 1mm² of copper wire under 5A load).
- Poor power connection. »Tighten the bulbs from the source to the machine to ensure tightness.
- Voltage below 220V. »» »» Max rotation of the steering wheel to increase the current to compensate for the loss. If it is not enough that you often have to work in a low voltage environment, you should choose a secondary spindle type welding machine to use when the voltage is low.
- Pulling the welding machine too far from the circuit breaker to reduce the voltage. »» »If it is mandatory to pull the machine far from the power supply more than 15m, the use of a larger wire than usual to avoid voltage drop.
- The voltage of the current is sufficient but not welded. - The generator's power is insufficient to weld. »» »Change the welding power.
2. Electric welding too strong:
- How to adjust the output line is not correct »» »» Turn the steering wheel counter-clockwise to reduce the welding current.
- The input voltage is greater than the regulation. »» »Adjust the source voltage (if possible) or replace with other suitable source.
- The welding machine has too large capacity, has been adjusted to the lowest level but still not welded (especially with thin iron) »» ​​»Replacement welding machine with lower capacity.
3. Welding machine emits a loud croak:
- Do not open the case.
- Machine spilled during transportation. »» »» Get to the service station because you can not check the exact damage inside the machine.
4. Touch the cover (leaky case):
- The machine is damp, metal dust sticking to the machine »» »Blast metal dust by air compressor, drying machine then bring the machine to the station to re-measure the insulation and the best way to overcome.
- Technique of connecting wires incorrectly touching the shell »» »» Check the joints, if the tight tighten the bolts to tight but not touch the shell.
- Impact welding machine inside the intestines. »» »Must be brought to the service station to correct the repair.
5. Black Burn at Electrical Connections:
- The bolt contact points are not tightened. »» »» Rub the ignition black with the sandpaper, then tighten it. In case the black points are badly damaged, the machine should be brought to the service station to replace the contacts.
6. Working machines are fumigated:
- Fire machine Take the machine to the service station for inspection and repair.